Ansuman Biswas – Farewell Giveaway

4.00 -6.00pm

Ansuman Biswas entered Art Exchange with nothing nearly a week ago. This Saturday is time to say him goodbye…the best way of thanking him for his remarkable performance is to give him a farewell party. Let’s join him in his last two hours at Art Exchange – when Ansuman will give away all he has been given.

Please come along and join us.

Ansuman Biswas


Ansuman Biswas entered Art Exchange with nothing – no food, no water, no clothing – just his body in the space and remain within it continuously for one week. During this week, anyone is welcome to visit the space at any time and bring whatever they want. Anything given will remain within the gallery and will be used in some way.

Ansuman presents an opportunity to contemplate the various exchanges in which we are entangled. He makes a space in which one is invited to be conscious of what one gives and what is given, or what one can take and what is taken. He makes space to expose our assumptions about consumption and expenditure; and to discover the real nature of our relationships with one another.