Private View: Spread

Emma Hart produces a new proliferation of work for Art Exchange, populating the gallery walls with ceramic sculptures coughing up pictures. They have “bad taste” in their mouths, spitting out feelings of paranoia, snobbery and too much information.

Emma Hart believes their is a gap between how things are experienced and how they might look photographed. The overwhelming real we stumble through is split from the way digital culture references it, then smooths it all over. Life looks good in images, or if not good far enough for us to manage and control. Sculpture, most recently ceramics, provide a way to physically corrupt and ‘dirty’ images and forcefully squeeze more life out of them.

Emma Hart (b. 1974, London) lives and works in London and has exhibited in the UK and internationally including Matt’s Gallery, Camden Arts Centre and Folkestone Triennial, with a solo show at Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Mexico City later on this year.

The exhibition is designed in collaboration with Grand Union, Birmingham.

Join us for someĀ beer, wine, nibbles, and good conversation to celebrate the opening of our new show.