Alicja Rogalska: Tear Dealer

An exhibition that creates a platform for bringing together films by our artist-in-residence Alicja Rogalska.

With each passing week  a new film will be added to our on-line gallery of Alicja Rogalska’s work. We launch the season with the Tear Dealer.

The Tear Dealer.

On a high street lined with pawnshops, second-hand shops and loan sharks in Lublin, south-eastern Poland, Tear Dealer opened for a few days in July 2014.

In the specially arranged premises, participants could produce and sell their tears for €25 for 3ml (just over half a teaspoon). The project constituted a perverse reversal of the logic of affective labour, allowing people to collectively express and capitalise on their feelings of despair, anger, sadness and frustration in a supportive, yet suitably exploitative environment.

Nearly 200 people participated in the project, which had to close early because funds were exhausted sooner than envisaged. It attracted worldwide media attention, sparking a discussion on the commercialisation of emotions.

This project was made in collaboration with Łukasz Surowiec and was commissioned by Rewiry, as socially engaged art workshop in Lublin and curated by Szymon Pietrasiewicz.