29 November - 14 December 2013

Robert Priseman: Fame

Robert Priseman’s latest exhibition presents 100 damaged religious icons, purchased from e-bay and over-painted with the portrait of …

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4 July - 20 July 2013

Realism in Rawiya

Rawiya, meaning ‘she who tells a story’ in Arabic, are the first all-female photographic collective to emerge from the Middle East.

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24 June - 20 July 2013

(Im)material Labour

(Im)material Labour explores our shifting position in an economically functioning society. From the systemisation of post-fordist labour …

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George Barber, Automative Action Painting

23 May - 22 June 2013

Refractive Distance

Refractive Distance brings together international artists who deliberately destabilise our view of the world around us. Directly (or indirectly) …

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21 February - 23 March 2013

Rabih Mroué: The Pixelated Revolution

Artist and critic Rabih Mroué focuses on the ‘double shootings’ by Syrian civilians as they use mobile phones to bear witness in the ongoing revolution.

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14 January - 14 February 2013

Emma Hart: M20 Death Drives

Through unexpected assembling of video, photography and sculpture, Emma Hart makes visceral audio-visual work whose palpable physical presence insists on a response.

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