Future Exhibition

Lee Miller’s War

13.01.2014 - 16.02.2014

Art Exchange

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Lee Miller’s War

A remarkable female icon of the 20th century best known as a model and surrealist photographer, this exhibition focuses on one of the least recognised aspects of Lee Miller’s life; her years as a photojournalist during World War II.

Working as a freelance photographer for Vogue, in 1944 Lee Miller became accredited as a war correspondent with the US Army. She was the only woman in combat photojournalism in Europe during the World War II and witnessed the liberation of Paris, the Russian/American link up in Torgau and was one of the first to arrive at Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps.

Fellow photographer David E Scherman who also worked alongside US troops tells us, “Lee Miller was never afraid of the evil that men can do”, and perhaps it was this that allowed her to keep on photographing, despite witnessing some of mankind’s worst acts of inhumanity. This exhibition offers an insight into her way of seeing, informed by her surrealist background, whereby individual character is always allowed the space to be revealed.

Lee Miller’s War is part of the University of Essex’s focus on the Holocaust during January 2014.

Extended opening!

By popular demand, we will also be open on Sunday 16 January, 12-4.00pm.