Movement of the People – Part 2

Movement of the People [pt 2]

A celebration of the extraordinary creativity coming up from the streets of Syria. Disseminated through the internet, protest art brings people together through collective action, breaks the barrier of fear and offers hope.

The artistic responses to the Syrian uprising illustrate the accelerated experiences of people, many of whom have been fighting for their survival. It shows their innate ability to overcome, and their dreams for the future of their country.¬†As John Berger says, “we live in a world of suffering in which evil is rampant, a world that has to be resisted. It is in this situation that the atheistic offers a moment of hope.”

This show includes cartoons by Ali Ferzat, cellphone film by Zaher Omareen and Waw al-wasl, animation by Top Goon, posters from the Alshaab alsori aref tarekh collective, photographs by artist Tamman Azzam and graffiti stencils brought together by Ibrahim Fakhri.

Supported by Arts Council England in partnership with firstsite, Colchester Arts Centre and Jaywick Martello Tower.