Jevan Watkins Jones Residency

“I love you random citizen”

“I love you random citizen” was written by a participant of one of Jevan Watkins Jone’s first residency sessions with us. The anonymous writer set a precedent for Jevan to follow – to go out and generate chance encounters on campus through drawing.

Over the course of his residency, Jevan Watkins Jones engages with the world outside Art Exchange’s doorstep, inviting all those around him to take part. Through various means, he gets everyone  drawing – and generally having a good time!

On a regular basis, Jevan returns to campus to  populate his large scale drawings of the student scene – collaborators are always welcomed. He worked towards an exhibition at Art Exchange last summer, exploring the social role of plants with the Department of Biological Sciences.

Jevan Watkins Jones is an Alumnus of Princes Drawing School, London, where he received the Drawing Year first prize for his work from city farms. He is also the founder of The Children’s Art Farm Foundation.