Emma Hart Spread – Elinor Morgan

  “I feel frustrated that visual art has so many limits on what you can and can’t talk about. I can’t really talk about my life, or feeling old, or my child’s health. The visual arts are so achingly cool” *   I first saw Emma Hart’s work in 2009. ‘Chasing Animals’ (2007–2010) was a […]

Regina José Galindo: Tierra by David Murrieta Flores

Regina José Galindo: Tierra Regina José Galindo’s Tierra is striking in a way that is perhaps uncommon in the artist’s work in general: the aggression in the performance is not directly aimed at her nude body, but to her surroundings. Based on narrative material that was part of Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt’s trial for […]

The World’s Long Thoughts by Lawrence Bradby

  The World’s Long Thoughts by Lawrence Bradby   Why are there plants in here? It’s in plants’ nature to be green. And it’s in our nature to regard them with a discerning eye. We are able to distinguish more gradations within the green portion of the visible light spectrum than in any other. Our […]

Photographic Audiences, National Identities, and Ethics: Reflections on Lee Miller’s War by Matthew Bowman

In looking at the photographs taken by Lee Miller during World War Two, one question we might find ourselves asking would concern the intended audience for these images. Working as an official correspondent for Vogue magazine, Miller’s photographs of conflict were situated amongst other images that depicted the latest trends in fashion and it was […]

Culture Crawl

2013’s Culture Crawl Many came on this guided tour of the best arts venues in Colchester, thank you all :) The Culture Crawl visited: Lakeside Theatre > Art Exchange > firstsite > The Minories Gallery > Mercury Theatre > Colchester Arts Centre > SlackSpace > The Waiting Room ! Certainly Colchester has one of the […]

Emma Hart’s ‘Dirty Looks’ at Camden Arts Centre

Emma Hart: Dirty Looks   With just a few days of Emma Hart’s exhibition Dirty Looks at Camden Arts Centre to go – grab the chance to see her work if you can. British artist Emma Hart presents Dirty Looks, a series of new sculptural works combining ceramics, photography and video. Reflecting on her experience […]

Florence – a crucifix on every corner

Good to see a crucifx on a corner, mostly the cult of the Madonna – this one was a rare treat.

Florence – medieval history

Another one, harking back Florence’s more medieval times.

Florence – everyone’s an artist

One of our favs.

Florence – hanging heavy

Once you started to look out for them – everywhere.

Florence – saw it up

Another example on most street corners

Chris Dobrowolski explains the ideas behind ‘Vanishing Point’

 The following is Chris Dobrowolski explaining the ideas behind the project: “The project ‘Vanishing Point’ is a collaboration between myself and Leslie Hill, an artist based in San Francisco. Leslie suggested the drive in cinema as a starting point and was very interested in the current trend for guerrilla drive ins that use abandoned spaces […]

Wim explains – it’ll come out til here

So, the extent of Wim’s plans become apparent. I’m off to Belgium (big on Belgium of late) and wonder what his work will look like it a couple of days time. Cuahtemoc and Dawn’s Manifesta has to be worth a trip on Eurostar. Not disappointed – really interesting, really ambitious, really political. The exhibition gives you the […]

Artist Wim Janssen starts his new work

Soon after Line left, Wim Janssen arrived. It was going to be a five day stay. One and a half day’s work and already something exceptional is beginning. Jess

Line Boogaerts – Day Two

Moving from inside to outside. working from photographs of the university’s architecture, Line makes her response. Cameras poised to create a film on their making – taking a photo every few minutes. The sun shone and people came over to chat – with references to William Kentridge made. Not quite his ‘stone age , but […]