Chris Dobrowolski explains the ideas behind ‘Vanishing Point’

 The following is Chris Dobrowolski explaining the ideas behind the project:

“The project ‘Vanishing Point’ is a collaboration between myself and Leslie Hill, an artist based in San Francisco. Leslie suggested the drive in cinema as a starting point and was very interested in the current trend for guerrilla drive ins that use abandoned spaces and a projector mounted inside a motor vehicle. This initial concept reminded me of my own indirect personal relationship to US car culture.
As children growing up in England in the seventies; me and my friends used to play with small toy cars in the garden –‘Matchbox, ‘Corgi’, etc. In those days these toy cars were made in England and looking back they were intrinsically British. Despite this however, we were always more interested in the models that represented cars from the U.S.A. They inspired a sense of aspiration through movies and television.
I found some of these old toy cars; packed them individually in small boxes and posted them to Leslie. Some of the films she has made start with her unwrapping these boxes. The films are projected from inside each toy car and onto the back of the box it was posted in. The real ‘fake’ toy shows you an image of itself in the ‘real’ USA.
This Film installation, or film trail, is hidden around campus in garden objects I have made and fixed to trees.”

Note that the installation is up until Sat (06/10/12)

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