A Revolutionary Reminder


12pm - 12.20pm

Art Exchange

admission free

12.00 – 12.30pm, outside the Silberrad Student Centre
Marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution ‘A Revolutionary Reminder’ celebrates the possibility of radical social change and the creative power we have when we work together. For a short time during the early days of the Revolution, the power to change society for the benefit of the 99% and not the 1%, lay with ordinary people. Much of this passion, excitement and opportunity was lost by Stalin and his successors as their power solidified. It is not easy to make a revolution, often the outcome isn’t clear – but what is certain is that things need to change.
Come along to an open air piano concert – a performance given from the back of a lorry by pianist Jason Frederick. Catch a unique concert featuring music that changed the world. This pop-up performance lasts for 30 minutes only so don’t miss the chance to hear some of the most exciting sounds going from the worlds of pop and classical music.
‘A Revolutionary Reminder’ also includes artworks by Chris Dobrowolski, Ruth Ewan, Rob Tictchner, Adam Burton and Clare Marsh.
Organised by Priscila Buschinelli, Kevin Nunn and Kaavous Clayton with the support of Arts Council England