Indigenous Amazonian Urban Migration


3.30 - 5:00 pm


admission free

This afternoon, Dr Giuliana Borea gives a lecture from the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia, exploring the ways in which indigenous artists reflect upon spatial practices and mobility.

Focusing on the work of artists Harry Pinedo/Inin Metsa and Elena Valera/Bahuan Jisbe, Borea argues that through their art practice they have become central players in the politics of place and the demands for dignity. Her paper explores how the artists’ analyse the experience of migration from the Peruvian Amazon to Lima, and their battles in making Cantagallo – a Shipibo indigenous community in central Lima – once they arrive in the city.┬áBorea goes on to further explore the construction of indigenous places through the continuous mobility of indigenous people between both native and urban communities and their ongoing battles for their citizen’s and human rights.

Central to her paper are the paradoxes that arise from the global promotion of indigenous art and the precarious dwelling conditions of Amazonian urban and rural people.

Dr Giuliana Borea is guest-curator of our current exhibition, Place-making, World-making, as part of her Marie Curie Fellowship with the Department of Sociology, University of Essex.

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