Artist’s Talk + An Archive of Destruction


6:00 - 7:15 pm

Ivor Crewe Seminar Room

admission free

We are excited to be joined by artist Sam Durant and curator and writer Jes Fernie.

Artist Sam Durant will expand on the ideas behind the making of his work, including the placing of his drawings of fallen monuments back in public spaces, as he brings attention to questions of representation: who gets to occupy these spaces – and who gets to be heard.

We are also joined by curator and writer Jes Fernie who will tell us about her ‘Archive of Destruction’, a platform that brings together narratives around destruction and public art. Spanning a hundred years and many continents, it tells cumulative stories of vulnerability, interference, rage, fear, boredom and love.

The event will be chaired by art critic Matthew Bowman and a Q&A will be followed by a drinks reception at Art Exchange

This talk will be available via Zoom. Click here to join us


Sam Durant (born USA, lives in Berlin, Germany) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work engages a variety of social, political, and cultural issues. His methodology is research based but with an emphasis on social engagement, often working with communities and groups in collaborative and performative formations. 

Find out more about Sam Durant here

Jes Fernie is an independent curator, writer and lecturer working on public commissions, exhibitions, book projects and pubic programmes. She is interested in the social, political and environmental context in which art is made, situated and viewed.

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And find out more about her Archive of Destruction here