Firstsite – Late Night Opening & Live Music from Apartment House



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admission free

A late night opening of the galleries at Firstsite with the chance to tour the three exhibitions currently on show and hear a performance by Apartment House.

Award winning band Apartment House will perform during the evening. Apartment House is a venerable exponent of avant-garde and experimental music from around the World, disregarding style, fashion and hip things, they are forging nowhere with a Zeitgeistian zeal. They invite you to:

Apartment House invite you to :






Emmett Williams



G Douglas

Barrett A Few Silence Alvin Lucier


Opera with Objects Christian Wolff

Exercise 3 Bruce Nauman


D.E.A.D. George Maciunas

Solo for Balloons  Takehisa Kosugi


Micro 1  John Lely

Piece for Apartment House, August 2014 Marc Sabat


Claudius Ptolemy Louise Bourgoise

Insomnia Drawing Max Neuhaus


Time Piece Beacon James Tenney

Having Never Written A Note for Percussion


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