Food Justice


6.00 - 7:30 pm


admission free

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Waste does not exist in the natural world, yet humans have phenomenal volumes of it and continue to produce more each day.We are excited to be joined by Emma Campbell from the Bin Burger Project and Dany Steele Bennison Farm and to discuss food justice in the UK.

Emma Campbell (Queens University, Belfast) is part of U-I/O, a collective of like-minded architects, designers and researchers who analyse inputs and outputs of different systems with an aim of connecting these together to realise circular economies at different scales. Their purpose is to create a foundation from which unlikely, unconventional and sometimes surprising ideas can be explored in the form of urban interventions to create the circular cities of the future.

We are also joined by Dany Steele from Bennison Farm, a small organic farm a few miles from the University of Essex. They operate a membership scheme with everyone sharing the vegetables they harvest. The farm provides food to people who live in a 10 mile radius, so the produce is 100% seasonal and local with very low food miles.

You can find out more about them both here:

Bin Burger Project

Bennison Farm

Admission Free, all welcome!
An MA Curating event accompanying their show 6.7 Million Tonnes.