Food Waste – and what to do about it


12:30 - 1:30 pm

Art Exchange

admission free

To accompany their current exhibition 6.7 Million Tonnes, MA Curating students at the University of Essex create a platform to discuss food waste – and what to do about it – with guests Katy Wheeler, (University of Essex) and Somdip Dey, lecturer, entrepreneur and co-creator of Nosh, a food waste app.

Somdip Dey is an embedded machine learning researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur who focuses on fighting food waste. He is co-creator of the Nosh app, an AI powered food waste and consumption app that aims to reduce food waste. Nosh has already helped more than 17,000 users to save more than 264,000 food products and save 137 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Katy Wheeler (senior lecturer, Department of Sociology, UoE) is interested in sustainable consumption. Food waste remains a major problem in western society and consumers are often called upon to think carefully about how they use and dispose of food within their homes. For this talk Katy Wheeler considers how households manage food waste, their responses to public information campaigns and how our waste behaviour interdepend on private and public sector waste management practice.

Please join us for a fascinating talk with our speakers, followed by Q&A.

All welcome.