Gone to Ground Lunchtime Talk 2


Art Exchange

admission free

Art Exchange, 1:00 – 1:45pm

Lunchtime Talk

Join us for the second in our series of interdisciplinary talks with academics from the University of Essex whose research amplifies on the environmental themes raised in our current exhibition, Gone to Ground.

We will be joined by James Canton (Wild Writing, Dept of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies) and Sandra Moog (Essex Business School).

James Canton teaches Wild Writing at the University of Essex, exploring the ties between the literature and landscape. In his latest work ‘Ancient Wanderings: Journeys into Prehistoric Britain’ Canton pursues his obsession with the physical traces of the ancient world including stone circles, flint arrowheads and a lost Roman road. As he walks the modern terrain, Canton reveals how the ancient inhabitants of the British Isles were much closer to the present-day one than we might imagine.

 Sandra Moog lectures in management, environmental politics and sustainability with Essex Business School. She is the author of a number of books and articles on international environmental politics and transnational civic activism; on the comparative bases of environmental movement organisation in Europe, North and South America; and on the role of NGOs and corporations in processes of environmental governance.

Admission free, all welcome.