Kentridge in Context


Art Exchange

admission free

Join curator Jess Kenny for an evening of discussion that places William Kentridge’s work in a wider context. A chance to watch other seminal short films by William Kentridge including ‘Mine’, ‘Ubu Tells the Truth’ and ‘Tide Table’.

Shadow Procession works with the simple idea of cut and hinged paper figures moving across a back-lit surface to the jaunty soundtrack of What a friend we have in Jesus. But this is a procession that asks its participants to carry their possessions and to walk whether they are young, old, sick or lame. As figures move across the screen, head down reading the bible or newspapers, they walk with obedience and passivity. The ominous feeling that all is not as it seems quickens as the figures become weighed down by their ever increasing burdens, until they are not just carrying luggage:, but one is seen carrying a grand piano, another an entire city. Shadows from shadow puppets add to the sense of chaos and mass expulsion, while also reminding us of the presence of the puppeteer’s presence.”

— Jess Kenny, “William Kentridge: The Impossible is What Happens All the Time”