Gone to Ground Lunchtime Talk 1


1pm- 1.45pm

Art Exchange

admission free

1.00 – 1.45pm, Art Exchange

Join us for a series of interdisciplinary talks with academics from the University of Essex whose research amplifies themes raised in Gone to Ground exhibition.

This week we are joined by Carlos Gigoux (Dept of Sociology and its Centre for Migration Studies) and Nicholas Beuret (Essex Business School).

Carlos Gigoux

Carlos Gigoux has recently completed ‘Indigenous Peoples and Colonialism: Global Perspectives’, a jointly authored book with Colin Samson. The book analyses the many common colonial processes which indigenous peoples experience under the dominion of states. Carlos is also co-director of the university’s Centre for Migration Studies, which addresses important issues such as human rights, immigration policies, forced migration, human trafficking, race, ethnicity and identity.

Nicholas Beuret

Before joining the Essex Business School Nicholas worked as a research associate at Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, where he worked on critical approaches to climate migration, and a pre-doctoral fellow at Hobart & William Smith Colleges (USA) where Nicholas undertook research on the politics of the Anthropocene. His recent publications include ‘Counting Carbon: Calculative Activism and Slippery Infrastructure’, ‘Refusing the World: Silence, Commoning, and the Anthropocene’ and ‘The Walking Dead: The Anthropocene as a Ruined Earth’.

Admission free

All welcome!