Maria Anastassiou: Artist’s Talk


6:00 - 7:00 pm

Art Exchange

admission free

6:00 – 7:00 pm, in Art Exchange

Join us for an insightful talk by artist Maria Anastassiou who will amplify on the ideas and inspiration behind her latest film ‘Kleep to wit, klip, klip, too-ow-wit’.

Situated on the edgeland between city and countryside, Rainham Marshes exemplify the transient landscape of the Thames Estuary, a place layered with the traces of ever shifting global narratives of empire and industry. Maria explores this pocket of nature by focusing on the figure of the birdwatcher.

Maria will talk to us about the ideas behind her film, including her recent move to south Essex and her discovery of new communities as part of this exit from the metropolis to the edgelands of Essex.

Filmed on a hand cranked 16 mm camera, this film is the first piece set within the landscape of her new commission for New Geographies, in partnership with Art Exchange. In the port town  of Tilbury in south Essex, Anastassiou is building a community around a film that will be screened at the culmination of this project in summer 2019.

Admission free.