08.07.2013 - 11.07.2013

Art Exchange

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British Comparative Literature Association XIII International Conference

This conference explores the theme of migration, understood as the migration of various kinds of texts, stories, and myths across cultures and time, media, genres and species, as well as the migrations of peoples across lands, seas, and worlds.

It concerns itself with odysseys, expeditions, quests, transits; departures, destinations, arrivals, Heimat; globetrotting, globalectics; borders, boundaries, crossings; exile, displacement, Diaspora; nomads, refugees, sailors, pirates, Argonauts; worlding, world-litting; glossolalia, polyphonies, palimpsests; re-telling, reinscription, re-visioning; transmedia, cross-genre, adaptation; metamorphosis, mutation, metempsychosis.

Migration¬†includes a dedicated strand of panels, readings, and performances entitled “Through Dido’s Eyes: The Arab Spring in Literature and the Arts” organised in collaboration between the Society for Libyan Studies, the British School at Rome, the BCLA, and the University of Essex. The strand aims to create new links between BASIS institutions and the Arab world, and to explore with colleagues from the areas affected by the Arab Spring some of the cultural resonance of this remarkable historical moment.

The exhibition ‘Realism in Rawiya’ accompanies this conference is on show at Art Exchange.

To find out more, visit www.essex.ac.uk/lifts/migration