Robinson in Space


6:00 - 8:00 pm

in Cine 10, LTB, Colchester Campus

admission free

Language of Experimental Cinema present:

Robinson in Space is the second film in Patrick Keiller’s triptych of psychogeographic journeys around the UK. The Narrator is our guide as Robinson assesses the condition of the landscape, politics, and society in 1990s England.

Echoing Daniel Defoe’s Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain, Robinson’s quixotic task is uneventful and humorous, quirky and disturbing. Robinson is happy to tackle subjects such as conservatism, capitalism, civil defence, and punishment. He is an observer, adrift from the society he critiques. This is the real England, and Robinson will draw back the curtain to reveal it to us. Robinson in Space is a must-see piece of experimental filmmaking.

The screening will be introduced by Professor Shohini Chaudhuri (Dept of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies) and the discussion afterwards will be moderated by Jim Morris and Shohini Chaudhuri.

“Advances Keiller’s claim to be the liveliest spark of the British independent scene, and the wittiest film essayist since the early Peter Greenaway” – The Times.

Admission free – all welcome.

The Language of Experimental Cinema is a monthly, student-led programme of film screenings with guest speakers and discussions dedicated to experimental cinema. We believe that experimental filmmaking is a language that speaks to our generations and offers a stimulus for conversation. Expand your cinematic vocabulary. Encounter weird and surreal takes on reality. Absorb the spiritual and introspective. Or debate the political and environmental landscape. Whatever your personal tastes, our vision of experimental cinema has something for everyone. Screenings are followed by drinks in Top Bar.