.Santiago Sierra,‘160 cm line tattooed on 4 people’, 2000. © Santiago Sierra; Courtesy Lisson Gallery

Santiago Sierra: Walking the Line


2.00 – 3.00pm

Art Exchange

admission free

Friday 16 February, 2-3pm, at Art Exchange

As part of our focus on tattooing, Jess Twyman will talk on Santiago Sierra’s seminal work ‘160 cm Line Tattooed on 4 People’, (2000) and the issues raised by tattooing a line across the backs of some of the most vulnerable and invisible people in society.

Sierra invited four drug addicted prostitutes to give their consent to be tattooed for the price of a shot of heroin. During the procedure the women laugh, smoke and chat to the female tattoo artist.

Addressing hierarchies of power and exploitation, Sierra’s work emphasises the tension between the participant’s choice to permanently mark their body for the price of one hit and their lack of choice because of their addiction and economic situation.

Please join us in examining the issues raised by Santiago Sierra’s thought-provoking work. Refreshments will be served.

Admission Free


Jess Twyman is Artistic Director of Art Exchange and Curator of PIEL.  Her research interests include contemporary art from the margin and early Soviet Art.

‘160cm Line Tattooed on 4 People’ was created at the El Gallo Arte Contemporáneo, Salamanca in Spain.