6.00 - 9.00 pm

Cine 10, LTB, University of Essex

admission free

In collaboration with the Centre for Film Studies at the University of Essex we present a short series of films that have inspired artist Larissa Sansour.


Dir. Andrei Tarkovsky | USSR | 1979 | 2 hr 42 mins 

A guide known as the ‘stalker’ leads his two clients – melancholic writer seeking inspiration and a professor seeking scientific discovery to a mysterious restricted site simpler known as the ‘zone’. It is here where you can find a room that grants your innermost wishes and desires – if you dare confront them.

Full of long shots that create the space for ideas to expand, this hauntingly beautiful film is considered a classic, and is ranked No 29 by the British Film Institute in its Top 50 ‘Greatest Films of All Time’.

Refreshments served.