Richard Dedomenici Residency: Swivelympics


Art Exchange

admission free


On the squares outside Art Exchange

Back by popular demand!

It went down so well during Freshers Week, Richard Dedomenici is back for festive fun with his Swivelympics! It’s simple – sit on a swiveling chair and see how many times you can make it rotate. Simple – but oddly compelling.

Richard Dedomenici disturbs the normal perception of public space and the rules that govern it, as he questions ownership of public areas and authority in general. As artist in residence with Art Exchange, Richard DeDomenici will respond to the extraordinary environment of the Colchester Campus that sites a 1960s utopian vision of brutalist concrete in a beautiful parkland once painted by John Constable – and then fills it with 10,000 students from around the world. Watch out for Richard DeDomenici’s responses and interventions into Campus life throughout the next year.

Since graduating from art school, Richard DeDomenici has produced, on average, a work of art every fortnight. This proliferation has borne some rich, radical and highly acclaimed fruit. From the Edinburgh Festival to the National Theatre – via Beijing, Iceland and New York – his performances have entertained, challenged and transformed.

We’re marking a map of the world with our swivelers- so far Brazil is in lead iwth 14 swivels – look out for Richard and have a go.