Students sitting on towers at Colchester Campus

Walking tour: Something Fierce


(12.00 - 1.00pm)

Art Exchange

admission free

The Hex, Thursday 21 June (12pm)

Join our Artistic Director, Jessica Twyman, on a walking tour of Colchester campus and discover the fascinating history behind these iconic buildings.

What’s so special about the concrete used? How was the design inspired by Medieval Italy? And why was that Fiat 500 plonked into a water fountain?

Walking over, under and around the podia, we’ll reveal the answers to these questions and more as you learn about the construction, design and influence of our campus.

From concrete styles to student rebellion, our ‘Something Fierce’ tour will reveal tales of a disobedient university defined by its design and 50 years of students thinking for themselves.

You’ll leave looking at campus from a whole new perspective…

Free event, no booking required.