We are all bodies of water


6.00 - 7.00 pm


admission free

Human bodies contain seas and rivers. As two thirds water, divided into 97.5% saline and 2.5% freshwater fluids, our bodies mirror exactly the Earth’s liquid composition. These similarities remind us that all life emerged from water and continues to depend on it. Just as rivers are the veins of the earth that transport water and nutrients, so do human arteries channel vital fluids that irrigate and enliven our bodies.  

Keeping liquid flows moving and purified is central to planetary health and to our organisms. But our common waters are suffering from pollution and stagnation. Science and healthcare both identify “stress factors” that face rivers and humans, so what can anatomy and microbiology teach us about our mutual dependence on liquid life? In this talk, we bring together bio-somatic dance therapist Dr Amanda Williamson (Visiting Honorary Professor, University of Birmingham) and microbiologist Professor Terry McGenity (School of Life Sciences, University of Essex) to seek out common ground across disciplines by exploring what common variables affect the health of humans and rivers by asking as communities and individuals, how might we self-regulate to find ecological well-being?  

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This event is moderated by co-curator Dr Lisa Blackmore. 

Image credit: Still from microscope film of water sample (2021). Courtesy of Diana Sánchez Lobo, Laboratorio de Hidrobiología, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia.