Who tells the story of rivers, planes and roads?


6.00 - 7.00 pm


admission free

Artists Tania Candiani and the collective La Decanatura (Diego Piñeros García and Elkin Calderón) reflect on their filmic explorations of how technologies intersect with Colombia’s rivers and territories.

Narrated through a DC-3 plane, La Decanatura’s film Volando bajo (Flying Low) reminds us how territories resist processes of modernisation. Despite their obsolescence and constant threat of crashing, these World War II airplanes still connect Colombian communities living in remote areas and have become metaphors of thwarted promises of progress.

Tania Candiani’s video takes us on a journey down the Magdalena River, to the city of Honda, through the infrastructure works that have shaped the landscape. Her film reflects on the role of modernisation and technological advancements, mediated through the artist’s personal experience in a narrative reminiscent of a diary or passage through the river.

This event is in English, moderated by guest-curator and artist Emilio Chapela. Booking details to follow.

Image credit: La Decanatura, still from Volando bajo, 2020.