Yael Bartana: And Europe Will Be Stunned


Art Exchange

admission free

Ivor Crewe Lecture Theatre

And Europe Will Be Stunned  is the extraordinary trilogy of short films by Israeli artist Yael Bartana.

The films revolve around the activities of a political group that calls for the return of 3,300,000 Jews to the land of their forefathers. And Europe Will Be Stunned traverses a landscape scarred by the histories of competing nationalisms and militarisms, overflowing with the narratives of the Israeli settlement movement, Zionist dreams, anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Palestinian right of return.

A post-show panel discussion will be led by Professor Julian Stallabrass (the Courtauld Institute of Art. London), Dr Stevphen Shukaitis (University of Essex), Eleanor Nairne (Artangel), and chaired by Dr Matthew Bowman. Please join us for an evening of film and conversation – with Polish food and drink provided!

This film might be Bartana’s masterpiece: a deeply provocative meditation on Jewish identity that levels political punches with surreal wit.” The Guardian

Admission free.


Please note this event was previously advertised as 5 February, but has been re-scheduled to allow guest speakers to join us.