Hetain Patel: Don’t Look at the Finger

Monday 8 March – Sat 27 March Don’t Look at the Finger follows a ceremonial ‘fight’ between a man and a woman in the grand architectural setting of a church. The way the characters communicate is a feat of choreography that combines Kung Fu with signed language to express a ritualistic coming together. The two […]

Maeve Brennan: Listening in the Dark

Monday 22 February – Sunday 7 March Listening in the Dark takes subtle but penetrating soundings of the extent of man-made incursions into nature by considering the nocturnal habits of bats, and how they are profoundly affected by the presence of wind turbines located near their regular flight paths. Like a bat out of the […]

Richard Whitby: The Lost Ones

Monday 8 February – Sunday 21 February A motley queue of individuals are seeking salvation. They are people in limbo – whose personal circumstances or economic situations have suddenly been re-evaluated and whose future status now seems conditional on a test they need to pass. Their fate will be decided, they learn, by an unseen […]

Film Exposed

Film Exposed brings together a series of short films by some of the most exciting and thought-provoking artists working in the UK. We showcase recent works by Maeve Brennan, Mikhail Karikis, Richard Whitby and Hetain Patel. Taking their ideas and inspiration from the world around us, the artists’ films open up new ways of thinking […]

Mikhail Karikis: No Ordinary Protest

Monday 25 January – Sunday 7 February Combining sound, performance and unscripted debates, Mikhail Karikis’s film takes it cue form the short story The Iron Woman by Ted Hughes. In this story, children are the first to hear an eerie, supernatural noise, which is an emanation of the collective pain of creatures affected by the […]