Josh C Wright

“My forms are precarious, I like to feel they inhabit a sense of uncertainty and instability fuelled by my own anxieties as an artist living and working on the edges of a city.” Josh C Wright’s work explores the relationship between art and anxiety. He investigates urban issues seemingly beyond our control, such as high […]

Paul Westcombe

Paul Westcombe’s work – like so much great art – was born of boredom. Working as a car park attendant on twelve hour shifts, Paul started drawing on whatever material came to hand – including the paper coffee cups he’d just drained in an attempt to stay awake. These cups became the ideal surface for […]

Rebecca Moss

Rebecca Moss’ practice explores an embodied and feminist relationship with landscape. She draws on the idea of slapstick performance as subjectivity, transforming the way we relate to landscape as she emphasises a sense of reciprocity, that the landscape can act back upon us. We are not always in control. Rebecca’s work takes the form of […]

Rudy Loewe

Rudy Loewe is a visual artist exploring black histories and social politics through painting, drawing and text. Their approach to painting speaks to their background in comics and illustration — combining text, image and sequential narrative. Rudy began a Techne funded practice-based PhD in 2021. Their research critiques Britain’s role in suppressing Black Power organising […]

Dion Kitson

‘Dion’s practice is very appropriate to this particular time and the focus that it gives on how to turn things into playfulness. I’m moved by them.’ – Celia Paul Dion Kitson explores how to infiltrate an un-suspecting, un-wanting, un-academic audience by bringing the outside world into his work. With a wry sense of humour, Dion’s […]

Elsa James

Elsa James is a British African-Caribbean artist and activist whose practice intervenes in the overlapping discourses of race, gender, diaspora, and belonging. Her Black British identity ignites her collaborative research-based practice, located within the fields of performance, film, sound, text and socially engaged art. Since 2018, Elsa has established a body of work focused on disrupting […]

Iris Gunnarsdottir

Iris Gunnarsdottir is an artist and ceramist who explores concepts of equality and mutual support from within a feminist framework. While artist-in-residence at the University of Essex, Iris created communal activities to bring students together, such as making their own piggy banks out of clay. These gatherings were the catalyst for further conversations about the […]

Tom Bull

Tom Bull makes sculptures in an attempt to capture the lived experience within these dark, strange and untrustworthy times. Through a landscape of folk, rural living, modernity and ritual, he investigates the tension and slippage between fiction and representation, violence and sensitivity, truth and mythology. With a wide range of tools and materials borrowed from […]

Daisy Blower

Daisy Blower is a queer artist making sex positive, feminist artworks. She is a set designer and with the inevitable closure of theatres during Covid 19 lockdowns, Daisy began to use her model making skills to make miniature worlds that allow her the space to grapple with the complexity of queer, feminist life including intimacy, […]

Tom Armstrong

Tom Armstrong draws cartoons in a cold, wet farm building by the side of the A12. He publishes regularly in the satirical magazine Private Eye and various independent zines. For Precarious, Tom has been artist-in-residence at the University of Essex this autumn and winter, visiting once a week to hang out on campus’s squares, cafes […]