Future Exhibition

Ali Ferzat: Drawing the Revolution

10.03.2014 - 03.05.2014

Art Exchange

admission free

“Of all the arts, cartoons stand on the front line between dictators.” Ali Ferzat

A focus on the hilariously insightful cartoons of Ali Ferzat. On the eve of the 3rd year of the Syrian revolution, we take this opportunity to pause and shine a light on what is going on in Syria today through the eyes of Ali Ferzat.

Ali Ferzat has received international acclaim for his cartoons whose satire and perceptiveness is recognised around the world. He developed a popular domestic audience through over 30 years of drawing cartoons for Syrian national newspapers.  In 2011, as he moved towards criticising the Assad regime’s hostility to fellow Syrians, Ali Ferzat was brutally attacked by government militia, who broke all his fingers. Now living in exile in Kuwait, Ali Ferzat continues to draw attention to the Syrian Revolution through his work.

This exhibition has been organised in partnership with the University of Essex’s Free Syria Society. We would like to  extend our thanks Ali Ferzat for contributing his artworks to this show.