Future Exhibition

Ansuman Biswas: Present

08.12.2012 - 15.12.2012

Art Exchange

admission free

Ansuman Biswas: Present

On Saturday 8 December at 6pm artist Ansuman Biswas will enter Art Exchange with nothing – no food, no water, no clothing – just his body in the space. For one week he will make the gallery his home and rely entirely on whatever people bring him.

Ansuman Biswas’s life will be shaped by the gifts he receives. During the week, anyone is welcome to give whatever they think he might need or want.  Anything given – large or small, essential or whimsical, material or insubstantial – will remain within the gallery for the week and will be used in some way.

Gifts may be brought in person or sent by post to:

Ansuman Biswas
Art Exchange
University of Essex
Wivenhoe Park

I offer this action as a gift.
I present an opportunity to examine our feelings right now,
to question our assumptions about consumption and expenditure,
and to discover the real nature of our relationships with one another.