Future Exhibition

Carlos Amorales: El No Me Mires

08.11.2017 - 12.11.2017

Art Exchange

admission free

El No Me Mires

Carlos Amorales plays with collage to construct layers of meaning in his latest film.

Seen through the dream of an opium addict, ‘El No Me Mires’ re-visits an Inuit myth where the protagonist has become invisible to Europeans with whom he tries to trade goods. Taking inspiration from a number of sources including painting, costume and set design by Malevich, political theory by Joseph Beuys and texts by Chilean writer Manuel Serrano, Amorales creates a new symbolic language which opens up fresh associations and possibilities.

Carlos Amorales (born in Mexico City in 1970) works in a variety of media, including video, painting, drawing, sculpture and performance. Much of his work explores the limits of language and translation systems, venturing into the field of cultural experimentation by bringing together the distinctive vocabularies of Mexico and Europe in his work.

This extraordinary film reminds us of the power of the individual and the legacy of Malevich within the art world today.