Future Exhibition

Chris Dobrowolski: Remnants of Utopia

16.11.2017 - 16.12.2017

Art Exchange

admission free

Taking inspiration from our focus on the centenary of the Russian Revolution, Chris Dobrowolski brings together an exhibition in which scenes of life from the former Soviet Union are played out in front of us.

May Day parades, Soviet Agit-trains and Siberian winters come to life in dioramas that fill the gallery space. A complex array of mechanisms are incorporated to set the scene, with a ‘make do and mend’ aesthetic that would have gone down well in post-war Russia. Dobrowolski’s thoughtful insights distil distance between communism and capitalism, as we are brought up straight by references to life in the UK today.

Chris Dobrowolski lives and works in the UK. He has exhibited extensively, including a recent work for Arts Admin, Glasgow Art Club and Hull, City of Culture.