Vanishing Point, 2012

Future Exhibition

Chris Dobrowolski: Vanishing Point

01.10.2012 - 06.10.2012

Art Exchange

admission free

Vanishing Point

A series of mini cinemas are suspended, bird box-like from the trees of Wivenhoe Park in which Art Exchange resides. Made from found objects such as letter boxes and watering cans, peeping into them reveals a world of epic landscapes against which road movie scenes are projected from the boots of toy cars.

These Matchbox cars are of the tail finned American kind – those that promised another world to the kids in the UK who played with them. Artist Chris Dobrowolski posted the toys on a journey across the Atlantic where artist Leslie Hill made road movies with them, reuniting the cars with the American dream they promised. Now returned to the UK, the cars are transformed by a series of mirrors into projectors for the films they inspired. Hanging in Chris Dobrowolski’s recycled, makeshift cinemas in a quintessentially English park, we get to view road movies and all the adventures the American dream entails.

Vanishing Point combines the epic with the everyday and plays with scale, distance and suspense to produce intimate and witty encounters where you least expect.

Chris Dobrowolski is associate artist at Art Exchange.