Future Exhibition

Deniz Üster: Citadel

09.11.2018 - 15.12.2018

Art Exchange

admission free

Rooted in anthropological research and interwoven with science fiction, Deniz Üster’s Citadel transforms Art Exchange into a ‘post-settlement’ landscape through which mechanised cities travel. Accompanying drawings depict real-life displacement projects, while a narrator’s voice expands on the possibilities of a new nomadic way of living.

Deniz Üster creates a world where prevailing notions of settled existence and land ownership are cast aside. In their place, labour, education and family life are remodelled, as this slowly evolving utopia is born out of the needs of its inhabitants.

Citadel’s audio piece is authored and narrated by Gürçim Yilmaz, an independent  writer, editor and researcher based in Istanbul.

Deniz Üster exhibits internationally, including Intermedia Gallery at CCA, Glasgow; the ICA, London; and Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.