Future Exhibition

Dislocated Journeys

18.01.2010 - 20.02.2010

Art Exchange

admission free

Dislocated Journeys

In a world whose borders and distances are disintegrating through global communication, Dislocated Journeys creates a platform for exploring mobility, migration and the journeys people make around the world – by choice, chance or forced exile.

This exhibition brings together recent work that explores the often complex issues of identity inherent in mobility and migration, while recognising the creative possibilities that travel in a global age can bring. It is by no means a survey. Rather, this is an exhibition of just six artists that investigate the very different journeys that are made around the world in the 21st century. From exploring Mauritania’s coastline, to rediscovering Buenos Aires, or trying to re-connect with parents separated by civil war, each artist creates their own narrative on a human scale – emotional, eloquent and often interventional – offering a unique insight how we negotiate the relationship of people to place.

This international exhibition includes

Dislocated Journeys includes the work of Mona Hatoum, Zineb Sedira, Jorge Macchi, Donald Rodney, Ursula Biemann and Jawad Al Malhi. An exhibition of photographs, installations, books and film by artists from Argentina, Palestine, France, Switzerland and the UK, it provides a unique insight into mobility in a global age.