Future Exhibition

Faiza Butt: Paracosm

06.11.2015 - 05.12.2015

Art Exchange

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Faiza Butt: Paracosm

Children wielding weapons, turbaned warriors glorified in a cloud of gadgets, muscle men locked in erotic embraces; these are some of the uneasy images that characterize the work of Faiza Butt. Truly contemporary in her practice, Butt addresses the anxieties of today’s world: the loss of innocence, the prevalence of violence, gender polemics, decadence and the demoralisation of society. These unsettling themes are disguised by a virtuosic style of painting. A pastel sugar-coating renders them alluring.

Faiza Butt’s obsessively crafted images draw on newspapers, advertising, political cartoons and Indo-Persian miniatures to create a seemingly dreamlike, hyper-real world that asks us to consider the complexities of 21st century living. Inspired by eastern and western influences, Butt creates a visual language that is refreshing and uniquely her own.

Paracosm intends to capture Butt’s ability to provoke thoughts on subjects that are too often hidden from view and to use art as a means to trigger positive societal change.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, Faiza Butt lives and works in London where she is represented by Rossi & Rossi and Grosvenor Gallery.

A New Art Exchange Touring exhibition made possible through financial support of the Arts Council.