Current Exhibition

Flag up your rights

16.06.2022 - 09.12.2022

The Hex, University of Essex (by appointment)

admission free

An exhibition that creates a platform for the collective work of the University of Essex’s women’s community.

Over the winter and spring of 2022, women from across campus started to come together at banner-making workshops led by Women’s Officer Marina Cusí. During these workshops, women talked about their ideas and experiences, developing their thoughts into designs and slogans that were produced on a series of handmade banners with the help of artists Iris Gunnarsdottir and Tom Armstrong. Together, they spent hours working together on the banners, so that everything was in place for a sisterhood march across the Colchester campus on 8 March 2022, International Women’s Day.

This exhibition immortalises the bold and rebellious spirit of University of Essex students – and their will to independently organise themselves to fight for women’s rights and those of their peers.

Marina Cusí, Women’s Officer, Students Union, University of Essex

Curatorial Assistant, intern Emma Jefferies

This project was made possible with the kind support of Art Exchange and the Students’ Union.