Future Exhibition

Florencia Guillen: Editions from an Encounter and Soundscape Stories

19.11.2009 - 19.12.2009

Art Exchange

admission free

Mexican artist Florencia Guillen has been invited to be our artist in residence, developing two projects on campus connected by sound. Drawing upon her travels across countries and continents, Guillen’s work reflects on her encounters with everyday people and situations as well as her own internal journeys.

Editions from an Encounter

An installation of printed video stills, drawings and a textual sound composition that documents an enigmatic encounter with a Mongolian nomad and his horses during Guillen’s journey from Moscow to Beijing.

Soundscape Stories

Across the campus squares, an outdoor installation with five complementary sound compositions of stories, news and other sounds captured both at the University of Essex and in Mexico between July and November 2009. These sounds are combined with an original musical piece commissioned especially for this work.

Curated by Joanne Harwood, Assistant Director of ESCLA.