Future Exhibition

For the Love of Avocados

26.05.2020 - 26.06.2020

Art Exchange

admission free

MA Curatorial students present ‘For the Love of Avocados’, an online exhibition that explores the ways in which young people navigate the quotidian complexities, difficulties and misconceptions of British life today.

The exhibition focuses on the everyday experience of young people as a unique generation growing up with precarity as a determining condition – in the form of austerity, climate change, the rise of the far right and generational political divides. This exhibition attempts to connect these dramatic, sweeping conditions with the varied, local lived experiences of young people today.

Art plays a central role in the composition of generational identity and now, more than ever, it is important to reveal the actuality of the broke millennial behind the avocado.

‘For the Love of Avocados’ includes work by Amy Turnbull, Conor Rogers, Emma Noone, Flo Brooks, Gabriele Zemaityte, Georgina Hill, Scott Young and Talia Ellis.

Visit ‘For the Love of Avocados’ dedicated website to find out more: https://avocados.artexchange.org.uk/

This exhibition is curated by a group from the MA Curating course sited in the School of Philosophy and Art History at the University of Essex. They are: Amelia Bewsher, Andriani Sfika, Fengyi Jiang, Grace Watson, Rafaela Sousa, Sam Saunders, Sarah Lawrence, Tingzhi Chen and Yujia Zhang.