Protesters during the Umbrella Movement

Future Exhibition

(In)Tension: One Country, Two Systems

17.05.2018 - 16.06.2018

Art Exchange

admission free

An exhibition researched and curated by MA students from the School of Philosophy and Art History’s Centre of Curatorial Studies.

(In)Tension examines the impact of  the ‘Umbrella Movement’ that emerged during the Hong Kong democracy protests of 2014. It showcases works by contemporary artists and photographers including Birdy Chu, Chilai Howard, Nicole Tung, Kacey Wong, Sampson Wong and Suki Mok.

You are invited to leave your own mark on the exhibition by writing on the MA students’ ‘Lennon Wall’. Choose a card, find a corner and ‘speak out’ about what this Movement means to you.

Curators: Clémentine Marcelli, Isaac Martinez-Lafuente, Kayo Lu, Patricia Hsu, Sabrina Taylor, Sofia Fuentes Dosal, Thomas Lacy and Vicki Leong.