Future Exhibition

Intimate Bureaucracies: Art and the Mail

26.02.2011 - 26.03.2011

Art Exchange

admission free

Intimate Bureaucracies: Art and the Mail

This exhibition investigates how artworks accumulate meaning while in transit. Intimate Bureaucracies explores the roots and development of Mail Art and the ways in which artists employ different methods of circulation to open up unexpected  spaces in society and seek wider participation in their work.

Intimate Bureaucracies includes the work of internationally renowned artists Walead Beshty, Eugenio Dittborn, Felipe Ehrenberg, León Ferrari, David Horvitz, Ray Johnson, Cristiano Lenhardt and Cildo Meireles who examine the possibilities for human connection and collaboration, while also critiquing the established processes of art circulation in both the art market and media.

Send Me A Flower, etc.

As part of the exhibition, you are invited to send in your own artworks which will be featured in the Art Exchange Project Space.

Guest curated by Art History PhD student Zanna Gilbert, Dept of Philosophy and Art History