Future Exhibition

Mapping ESCALA through the archives

24.11.2023 - 02.02.2024

Albert Sloman Library

admission free

Mapping ESCALA through the archives: Thirty years of the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America

Essex Collection of Art from Latin America (ESCALA) was made possible by the colossal efforts and enthusiasm of students and staff at the University of Essex. Together they created a unique collection of art that is unparalleled in Britain.

The study of Latin American Art was always at the core of the University’s founding vision, which placed Latin American Studies at the centre of its teaching and research, bringing together expertise art, literature, languages, politics, sociology and economics. The rich archival material that has been amassed over the years reveals the importance of Latin America to the cultural life and academic discourse at the University.

This exhibition is an introduction to the Collection’s history from some of the most inquisitive and stimulating archive materials from the University’s collections, including early photographs of the Latin American society in campus, letters to prominent curators and historians and ESCALA’s founding documents.

Curated by Gisselle Giron, Assistant Curator (ESCALA, University Art Collection, and Art Exchange) and Santiago Valencia Parra, 2022-3 MA Curating, School of Philosophical, Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Image: Donation of María Freire and José Pedro Costigliolo’s artworks to the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art ( ESCALA) 1994.