Future Exhibition

Margins: walking between worlds (Part 1)

24.09.2011 - 05.11.2011

Art Exchange

admission free

Margins: Walking between Worlds (Part 1)

An exhibition in 3 parts, Margins: Walking between Worlds creates a platform for bringing together work that registers the often complex issues inherent in the simple act of walking.

Part 1 investigates how mobility, resistance and power can be explored through walking. It focuses on artists who insert themselves into everyday life on the streets. Some subtly absorb the world around them, while others walk in a more overtly political direction. Yet they all reference place, all utilise the natural narrative of going on a journey – and all recognise that the absurdity of our situation is never far away.

This exhibition brings together the work of internationally renowned artists FrancisAlÿs,  Regina José Galindo, Emily Jacir, John Smith and Richard Wentworth.