Future Exhibition

Margins: walking between worlds (Part 2)

10.11.2011 - 26.11.2011

Art Exchange

admission free

Margins: Walking between Worlds (Part 2)

An exhibition in 3 parts, Margins: Walking between Worlds creates a platform for bringing together work that registers the often complex issues inherent in the simple act of walking.

Part 2 focuses on the collaboration between Tacita Dean and Marina Warner entitled Footage, a cultural look at the foot and the significance of limping.  As someone who limps herself because of severe arthritus, this became the starting point for Tacita Dean to explore limpers in myth and legend who make journeys to the underworld Рbetween life and death Рon our behalf. Through image and text, Footage takes us to a place where limpers and the lame have the insight to walk between worlds.