Future Exhibition

Movement of the People – Part 3

01.12.2016 - 10.12.2016

Art Exchange

admission free

Movement of the People [pt3]

A chance to reflect on the UK, a seafaring island’s attitude to  migration through Sarah Wood’s remarkable film, Boat People, which turns to history to investigate our ongoing relationship to those who make it to our shores.

‘Homelessness is coming to be the destiny of the world’, suggested Martin Heidegger in 1946, in the immediate aftermath of the mass movement of people created by WWII. In 1946 this displacement was a shocking legacy. Sixty years on, with the escalating movement of people escaping conflict and environmental catastrophe across the world, has Heidegger’s prediction come true? Has displacement become the norm rather than the exception?

Sarah Wood lives and works in the UK and has exhibited internationally, recently winning Whitstable Biennale’s Open Submission competition with Boat People.

We will also show this film offsite, at Jaywick’s Martello Tower on Saturday 10th December, to re-unite it with the sea.

Supported by Arts Council England in partnership with firstsite, Colchester Arts Centre and Jaywick Martello Tower.