Future Exhibition

Movement of the People – Part 1

29.09.2016 - 29.10.2016

Art Exchange

admission free

Movement of the People

An exhibition in three parts which creates a platform for internationally renowned artists and street level activists to focus on the on-going war in Syria and the effect of conflict on a shifting, often displaced population.

Part 1
We bring together international artists who adopt subtle means to address the harsh reality of living with conflict.

Mona Hatoum speaks of exile and her forced separation from her parents, while Rabih Mroué’s isolated images remind us of the human cost of conflict. Issam Kourbaj pins hardback book covers to the gallery walls. Filleted of their pages, with their stories and human creativity removed, the sense of loss is palpable. Khaled Abdulwahed and Zaher Omareen’s simple but utterly effective films find poetic means to amplify everyday life in Syria. While refusing to give up hope, the all share a resolve to focus on the effect of war on the human condition.

Supported by Arts Council England in partnership with firstsite, Colchester Arts Centre and Jaywick Martello Tower.