Future Exhibition

O Painters! My Painters!

09.07.2011 - 23.07.2011

Art Exchange

admission free

O Painters! My Painters!

The painters in this exhibition share an irresistible compulsion to paint. Their desire is obsessive, all-consuming and often intangible.

James Metsoja finds inspiration from newspapers and the world of imagery that we are immersed in everyday. Politicians, soldiers and celebrities all find their way into his paintings. Rebecca Roscorla paints scenes of leisure; parks where fountains take centre stage – their rococo opulence perhaps relating to the indulgence of painting itself. Robin Webb paints swiftly from one canvas to the next, often influenced by the previous painting or events that take place in between. Neil Keith Baker uses curtains and screens to both hide and reveal his subject matter at the same time. A world of possibility opens up as we start our own conversations with the art of these four talented artists.

The title of this exhibition suggests adoration and lament in equal measure; echoing the role painting in the 21st century.

Curated by Kaavous Clayton