Future Exhibition

Open Your Eyes

08.11.2019 - 18.12.2019

Art Exchange

admission free

Open Your Eyes creates a platform for artists who ask us to look again at forgotten and marginalised histories from Europe’s colonial past. Through both poetic and disruptive means, they revise historical narratives by revealing ways of questioning structures imposed centuries ago that continue to persist today.

Under Steve McQueen’s quiet but insistent request ‘Remember Me’, artists Kader Attia, Sammy Baloji, Tibor Kalman, Kapwani Kiwanga, the Otolith Group and Barbara Walker explore moments in Africa and Europe’s shared history that speak beyond individual events, as they attempt to make visible what is often overlooked through creating a new space of their own – where dialogue about the world in which we live can flourish – and where we can speculate for all kinds of possibilities in the future.

Admission free

This exhibition is produced in collaboration with academics and students at the University of Essex interested in extending de-colonising the curriculum debates.